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Aftermath of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico

Time is running out.

We are activists in the Philadelphia area who see the urgent danger of climate change and the existential  threat posed to nature and humanity. Capitalism is killing the planet and action is required to meet the climate crisis. The drive for profit at any cost will always supersede the interests of the exploited and of the planet.

We believe that there can be no solutions under capitalism. While the Green New Deal has some very compelling aspects, even the most basic reforms cannot be won by begging politicians who are bought and paid for by big business. We oppose imperialist wars and “solutions” that balance the cost of the crisis on the poor and working class.

The road forward requires the independent mass action of the working class and oppressed to put an end to this system. We oppose work inside the Democratic Party.

We support the Points of Unity of the System Change Not Climate Change Network, which offer a broad anti-capitalist framework for an independent  struggle against the climate crisis.

Points of Unity of System Change Not Climate Change Network

The current ecological crisis results from the capitalist system, which values profits for a global ruling elite over people and the planet. It must therefore be confronted through an international mass movement of working people around the world.

  • We are for building a multi-racial, multi-ethnic left united against the ecological destruction spawned by capitalism. Movements for sustainability and against ecological degradation must be led, to the fullest extent possible, by those who are most directly affected and who therefore have the highest stake in the outcome of the struggles we engage in.
  • We recognize that the exploitation and destruction of the planet is intricately linked to the exploitation and oppression of human beings. We oppose all forms of oppression including racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia. We support efforts, in communities and workplaces, to overcome these barriers to collective empowerment.
  • We are for workers’ power and sustainability, for a society that is free, just, and equitable, that fosters human creativity and productivity while healing the rifts generated by capitalism among people and between human society and the earth’s ecology.
  • We fight for reforms to mitigate the effects of climate change and other ecological calamities but recognize that social transformation is our only hope to solve the worsening crisis. As we build movements that address immediate ecological concerns, it is with this revolutionary objective in mind.
  • We support grassroots movements and political formations that operate independently of the capitalist-controlled party systems and oppose corporate, market-driven solutions to the climate crisis.
  • We are a nonsectarian network, maintaining a flexible and open approach to organizing in order to build as strong an environmental movement as possible. While asserting that a change to the current social and economic system is the only way out of our planet’s ecological crisis, we work with groups and individuals who have not reached the same conclusions but who nonetheless are fighting for the vital reforms necessary to mitigate the effects of capitalism’s assault on our biosphere.


  1. Banning of fracking and tar sands extraction and an immediate transition away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources.
  2. Public ownership and democratic control of production, starting with the energy and financial industries
  3. The economy democratically planned according to social need and ecological sustainability.
  4. Full development of clean and renewable energy sources
  5. Ecologically sustainable agriculture and fishing, and the production of healthy foods
  6. Source reduction of waste and toxic products
  7. Full development of public transportation, a national rail system and bicycle-friendly infrastructure
  8. Full indigenous sovereignty and complete recognition of the right to self-determination.  Governments must honor and fulfill all treaty obligations that entitle native peoples to land, water, food, hunting rights, fishing rights, health care, housing, etc.  Full reparations to indigenous peoples for historical injustices.
  9. Full employment, transitioning millions from military and fossil-fuel related jobs to union jobs creating a renewable energy infrastructure
  10. Protection of biodiversity, including species and genetic diversity
  11. Environmental justice        
    • removal of waste sites, incinerators, polluting industries, generators, transportation hubs and highways from oppressed communities
    • access to clean drinking water, adequate sanitation facilities, green spaces and fresh, nutritionally dense foods at low cost
    • protection and empowerment of communities most vulnerable to climate catastrophes
  12. High taxation of the 1% and the corporations most responsible for the economic and environmental crises
  13. Defund the Pentagon